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Where To Find My Model Number



To choose the correct parts for your E-Bike or Motorcycle, we recommend using your Model Code or Model Number. For E-Bikes, a serial number may also be found on your bike. For Motorcycles, a VIN may also be located.

Follow the instructions below on how to find a model number for different types of bikes and motorcycles, and how to define the exact year and model by VIN.

Yamaha Electric Bicycles

On Yamaha E-Bikes, the serial number tag could be located on the frame. Please use the chart below to cross-reference your serial number. Use your Model code to search for your E-Bike diagrams.

Model Name Model code (Serial) Small Model code (Serial) Medium Model code (Serial) Large
CrossConnect PW70CNS (X1MC) PW70CNM (X1MB) PW70CNS (X1MC)
CrossCore PW70CRS (X1M9) PW70CRM (X1M8) PW70CRL (X1M7)
Urban Rush PW70URS (X1M6) PW70URM (X1M5) PW70URL (X1M4)
Wabash PW70WS (X1MF) PW70WM (X1ME) PW70WL (X1MD)
Civante PW70CVS (X1MU) PW70CVM (X1MT) PW70CVL (X1MS)
YDX-MORO PB65MS (X1V6) PB65MM (X1V5) PB65ML (X1V4)

Dirt Bikes

For Dirt Bike 1994 and newer, the model number tag could be typically located either on the subframe beneath the seat saddle, under the seat or on the subframe close to the exhaust pipe as shown below:

Sport Bikes, Street Bikes, and Cruisers

For Sport bikes, Street bikes, and Cruisers 1994 and newer, the model number will typically be on the frame underneath the rider seat or the passenger seat.

Scooters and Maxi Scooters

For Scooters and Maxi Scooters, the model number tag will be located under the seat.

Obtaining Important information On Your Yamaha Motorcycle

Whether your model number tag is not visible or you may need additional information on your Yamaha motorcycle, the VIN will provide details such as:

  • Make
  • Year the motorcycle was manufactured
  • Country the motorcycle was built
  • Style/Body

Where to find your Yamaha Motorcycle VIN

Your VIN will typically be found on the Steering Head Pipe.

What if I don't know the exact year of my Yamaha motorcycle?

To determine the exact year of your Yamaha motorcycle, please refer to your Yamaha VIN number's 10th character. Use our chart below to find the year your motorcycle was manufactured.

For Example, the following VIN's 10th character is 2.


On our chart, this would mean it is a 2002 model.

Code Year Code Year Code Year Code Year
A: 1980 L: 1990 Y: 2000 A: 2010
B: 1981 M: 1991 1: 2001 B: 2011
C: 1982 N: 1992 2: 2002 C: 2012
D: 1983 P: 1993 3: 2003 D: 2013
E: 1984 R: 1994 4: 2004 E: 2014
F: 1985 S: 1995 5: 2005 F: 2015
G: 1986 T: 1996 6: 2006 G: 2016
H: 1987 V: 1997 7: 2007 H: 2017
J: 1988 W: 1998 8: 2008 J: 2018
K: 1989 X: 1999 9: 2009 K: 2019

For Yamaha motorcycles manufactured later than 1980, Yamaha denotes the years by letters starting with A. From 1991-1999, they will be numerical. From 2000 onwards they will continue with letters.

A few letters are intentionally left off by Yamaha. These are I, O, Q, U, and Z.

Visit to look up your VIN to obtain information about the motorcycle, including year, make, model, engine size, other specifications.

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